DIY Treats & Toys for Thanksgiving

Whether your holiday plans involve hosting the entire family or a small group of friends, don’t forget to celebrate with your favorite canine friends.  Here are a few fun treats and toys from the community to pamper your pup over the Thanksgiving holiday! Pup-kin Turkey Balls 2.5 lb. Ground Turkey 1 ⅓ cup Pumpkin… Read More DIY Treats & Toys for Thanksgiving


Obligatory Thanksgiving = Thankful Post

With my husband gone for the past 10 days I have had a ton of time to write and get things done. Except, not exactly. I have sat down at least a handful of times over the past three days to write my obligatory Thanksgiving post about all the things I am thankful for. Yet every… Read More Obligatory Thanksgiving = Thankful Post

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50 Delicious Leftover Turkey Recipes

I love the grocery store sales around Thanksgiving time. Seems that you can get some really pretty amazing deals. Todays find was TWO 13 pound turkeys for .69 cents a pound! One turkey will be for Thanksgiving dinner, since it will just be two adults and three kids eating we will have tons left over.… Read More 50 Delicious Leftover Turkey Recipes


Just eat your turkey on your lunch break

I heard through the grape vine a few weeks ago that Best Buy would be opening their stores at midnight on Thanksgiving Day, which instantly made me mad. As I assumed they were the only ones doing it- WRONG. Apparently almost all big box stores are opening super early on Thanksgiving. I was mad about… Read More Just eat your turkey on your lunch break

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Getting Pinny with it 11/4

Just about 20 days until Thanksgiving (where did this year go?!?). I thought it was just about time to share some awesome Pinterest finds. These muffins I made last week- and they were the best muffins I ever had. {The mix WILL feel too dry- but I promise the muffins will come out moist and… Read More Getting Pinny with it 11/4