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Summer Reading Programs

With summer just around the corner that means its time for us moms to find things to occupy our children’s time. One of the things my kids enjoy most is reading. Luckily there are some really great summer reading programs out there, that offer the kids some really great incentives. Here are some of my… Read More Summer Reading Programs

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45 Days till…

I came across this pin on Pinterest, and it really got me thinking that I should do something like this for the kids last day of school. I mean seriously how cool would it have been to come home from the last day of school and run through a bit freaking banner? Awesome. At dinner… Read More 45 Days till…

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Summer break. Day 1

So much for silence around here during the day. Honestly I was looking forward to having the kids home everyday, even though I knew they would be totally wild at time. BUT THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER BREAK!?!? Come on guys! So first I think whats more awesome than having a picnic at the spray… Read More Summer break. Day 1

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Hello Summer!

Today is the kids last day of school and well, unless I make some sort of plans of things to do or my kiddos are going to drive me MAD! Here goes nothing… My sorta organized summer to do list. – Visit Tyler Park. (supposed to be pretty epic) – Visit the Science Museum. –… Read More Hello Summer!

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It’s that time again…

Summer that is! It snuck up on me once again. Just a mere 2 weeks away. Yes- it means days of sleeping in, staying in jammies all day and relaxing… but it also means arguing, fussing and driving mom nuts. Which is why it is critical that I make some sort of game plan for… Read More It’s that time again…