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Nov 12

50 Delicious Leftover Turkey Recipes

I love the grocery store sales around Thanksgiving time. Seems that you can get some really pretty amazing deals. Todays find was TWO 13 pound turkeys for .69 cents a pound! One turkey will be for Thanksgiving dinner, since it will just be two adults and three kids eating we will have tons left over. …

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Aug 22

Top 10 Reasons Bacon is AWESOME

This weeks writing prompt is “Top Ten Reasons Bacon is Awesome”. Not that you need me to tell you that bacon is awesome. 1.) Bacon Pancakes 2.) Bacon Prailines 3.) Bacon Carbonara 4.) Bacon Tots 5.) Bacon Cupcakes 5.) Bacon Hashbrowns 6.) Bacon JalapeƱo Popper 7.) Bacon Biscuits 8.) Bacon Jam 9.) Bacon Meatballs 10.) …

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