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Possibly endless FREE ebooks

Recently I wrote about my new love of iBooks. Needless to say I have transitioned from paper books to ebooks completely. However like I stated in my previous post, ebooks can become very costly if you read often. So I knew I had to quickly find a way to get ebooks for cheaper. Thats when… Read More Possibly endless FREE ebooks

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Summer Reading Programs

With summer just around the corner that means its time for us moms to find things to occupy our children’s time. One of the things my kids enjoy most is reading. Luckily there are some really great summer reading programs out there, that offer the kids some really great incentives. Here are some of my… Read More Summer Reading Programs


iBooks vs Actual Books

For a very long time now John has been trying to convert me over to reading books on iBooks instead of buying actual books. Ive been fighting him hard too {lets face it Im always right}. That is until The Bloggess’ book came out, and with me being the impatient person that I am, I… Read More iBooks vs Actual Books