No Need For ‘Mumsy’ Dressing With These Style Tips!

It’s all too easy to lose your style identity when you become a mom. This is one of the most common complaints you’ll hear from moms everywhere. Of course they want to be comfortable and practical as they go about their daily chores, but they don’t want to stop feeling like themselves in the process.… Read More No Need For ‘Mumsy’ Dressing With These Style Tips!


Ten on Tuesday 9/13

Im joining in on Ten on Tuesday with Linnys Vault. 1. Both kids got in trouble at school, Jayde got in trouble for poking her friends lunch box (um, ok), and Ethan got in trouble for playing with his eraser and talking in class. We spent the entire night dealing with them fussing about being… Read More Ten on Tuesday 9/13

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Little hands.

Today walking away from the school- my oldest (he’s 10.5) grabbed my hand smiled and started to tell me about his day. Naturally I thought ok, he forgot were at school. That is until I hear someone yell “CHANDLER!!” it was his friend. Yep- he yanked his hand away to wave at his friend. I… Read More Little hands.

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Epic Apps! 5/22

Recently I upgraded from an Android phone to and iPhone. Naturally I absolutely adore it, in fact it never leaves my side… which means I’m ALWAYS looking for new awesome apps,and it would be completely unfair of me not to share these incredibly epic apps with you guys! This weeks EPIC APP is iRewardChart .… Read More Epic Apps! 5/22

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Single Parenting… Sort of.

I just dropped John off at the air port for his two week training in California. Which means, I’m basically a single mom for 14 days! Scary. Hopefully I’m able to survive it. So far so good- the kids are completely content playing with play dough. Lets see how long that lasts….