Easter Basket Ideas

 1. Play dough 2. Puzzles 3. Books 4. Coloring Books 5. Paint

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Sidewalk Paint

I came across this awesome pin on Pinterest a few days ago and knew instantly that I needed to make it soon.Then I saw a friend tweet that she had done it with her kids, and that was all the motivation I needed to get it going. Since the weather is gorgeous outside its perfect… Read More Sidewalk Paint

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The big 1-0

I have no idea where the time has gone, but today my middle son Ethan turned 10. Its funny because the morning that I have to drop my husband off at work at 7am, I typically come back in curl up in the bed with one of the kids and snuggle. One day last week… Read More The big 1-0

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Ten on Tuesday 2/7

1.  Im currently drinking gas station coffee… because lets face it Im just classy like that. 2. Did you see that a federal court decided that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional. All I can think to say is, DUH! 3. I just started reading the Hunger Games after hearing a LOT of fuss about it. Its… Read More Ten on Tuesday 2/7

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Winter blues

What is it about winter that makes my kids go wild? Not a little wild, not the cute wild. The REALLY annoying wild. The kind that makes them fight non stop, and replace every other word in a book with “poop”. For example Chandler is reading: Star Wars, the pooping menace (adorable right?) Id love… Read More Winter blues

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Curly Sue

Jayde really hates having wavy/straight hair (much more straight than wavy). So Im always looking for ways to give her some volume. If you are the proud owner of straight hair (I am not) you would know that trying to get your hair to curl is quite the task, because sleeping with curlers in your… Read More Curly Sue