Daddy’s girl

Can you tell she’s a daddys girl, and a exact replica of him? One minute he’s sitting on the couch in his pajama and a hat (Im not fully sure why he was wearing a hat with his pajamas) the next Jayde walks in an says “look Im like you” and from there it was… Read More Daddy’s girl

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Curly Sue

Jayde really hates having wavy/straight hair (much more straight than wavy). So Im always looking for ways to give her some volume. If you are the proud owner of straight hair (I am not) you would know that trying to get your hair to curl is quite the task, because sleeping with curlers in your… Read More Curly Sue

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8 years ago…

Eight years ago tomorrow, my beautiful Jayde Camrie was born. I can’t believe it has been so long already. I remember it as if it was just yesterday.     Happy 8th Birthday Jayde!