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Week in iPhone pictures 11-4

This week started with me getting this really weird package from Makers Mark (I have no clue how I got on their mailing list). Apparently this little Christmas sweater was meant for my Makers Mark bottle to wear… but since I don’t drink Makers Mark I had no where to put it. So I gave… Read More Week in iPhone pictures 11-4

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WTF Kentucky

Today we went to find Jayde a used toy kitchen at the peddlers mall/trading post, as always we found some real Kentucky gems. Initially I thought “who would actually think it was an iPhone, then I thought, nope this is Kentucky someone will buy this. Then we saw this- now I would have thought it… Read More WTF Kentucky

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Epic Apps! 5/22

Recently I upgraded from an Android phone to and iPhone. Naturally I absolutely adore it, in fact it never leaves my side… which means I’m ALWAYS looking for new awesome apps,and it would be completely unfair of me not to share these incredibly epic apps with you guys! This weeks EPIC APP is iRewardChart .… Read More Epic Apps! 5/22


Thank you YouTube

The kids out of no where burst out in laughter- Naturally I thought it was just them being goofy- that is until after like 5 minutes they are STILL laughing hysterically. But thanks to YouTube I got these awesome pics of the kids- Unfortunately it was taken from my phone. All the same though- awesomeness.