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Kroger Cart Buster

Every since we moved to Louisville three years ago, I had to find a new grocery store to shop at since non of the same companies that were in Florida were here (except Walmart and Target). It wasn’t hard to find a new favorite… the second I walked into Kroger I knew it was my… Read More Kroger Cart Buster


Im on Pinterest!

Im sure you’ve heard about the Pinterest “craze” lately. Pinterest seems to be all over everywhere… and a lot of huge retailers even have boards now too.  So I finally broke down and added a Pinterest button on the right side bar. Not fully sure why I waited so long because Im a serious Pinterest… Read More Im on Pinterest!

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Ten on Tuesday 1/31

1. I just started watching Hero’s on Netflix. Mostly because I watched everything else humanly possible as far as TV shows go, and slightly because I watch the first few episodes when it was live on air, and then missed a few and felt like I couldn’t catch up.  2. I pinned this last night… Read More Ten on Tuesday 1/31

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White Check General Mills Cereal Giveaway!

January 1st marked the beginning of New Years Resolutions, and like most people I vowed to eat healthier. By eating healthier that also meant actually eating something for breakfast… and not just grabbing a cookie and walking out the door {yes, I have actually grabbed a cookie for breakfast.} So when I got the opportunity… Read More White Check General Mills Cereal Giveaway!

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Getting Pinny with it 1/18 {Chicken Edition}

I saw a post on Pinterest this past week about frozen meals for the month and it got me thinking that maybe I should prepare meals ahead of time (freezer meal style). Then I got to thinking that would take a lot of planning and organization, both things Im terrible at. So I decided to… Read More Getting Pinny with it 1/18 {Chicken Edition}

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Ten on Tuesday 1/17

Linking up with Linny’s Vault! 1.  I just survived a three day weekend with the kids without even tweeting ONCE about the kids being rotten. Know why? They weren’t! They actually made it through without any huge arguments or the house burning down. I consider that a win in my book! 2. In addition to… Read More Ten on Tuesday 1/17

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Taco Stuffed Shells

Tonight in a effort to please my taco loving family and to mix things up a little bit I made tacos, with a little twist. It was a big hit with my bunch. So much that Jayde at seven of them. SEVEN! Jaydes the one who hardly eats a third of her dinner, and she… Read More Taco Stuffed Shells