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E: Easter

Today I realized that not all Easter basket fillers are created the same. As I was listing off my list of things the Easter Bunny would be leaving for my children I was informed that toys don’t belong in the easter basket. Which was quite the shock to me, as I always got a nice… Read More E: Easter

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Peep Peep

I love peeps. Not eating them, but how awesomely adorable they are! Unfortunately the kids don’t like eating them either. Each year I find myself trying to talk the kids into eating the peeps just so I can buy them. So far, after 10 years it still hasn’t worked. So this year I will just… Read More Peep Peep

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Easter Egg Ideas you want

This year we have a very large back yard, so that means our easter egg hunt is going to be AWESOME. That also means I need to find some really cool Easter egg ideas. Because lets face it, plain plastic eggs are boring. This is post is just what you need to find fun egg… Read More Easter Egg Ideas you want


Easter Basket Ideas

 1. Play dough 2. Puzzles 3. Books 4. Coloring Books 5. Paint

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Easter Bunny Smiley Cookies

We had the pleasure of trying out some Easter Bunny Cookies from Smiley Cookie. As you can see from the photo below they were a huge hit. Unfortunately I was only able to get a picture of Jayde eating one since the boys took one and ran. Jayde on the other hand enjoyed taking in… Read More Easter Bunny Smiley Cookies

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Happy Spring!

Ok. Granted the weather is all kinds of wacky, today is the first day of Spring! And Spring is my second favorite season,coming only second to fall. Here are the top 10 things Im looking forward to this Spring. 1. Jelly Beans. Not kidding. Ive already bought (and eaten) 5 bags. No joke. 2. Nature… Read More Happy Spring!