Getting Older

I absolutely adore this picture of John teaching Chandler to mow the grass for the very first time. It makes me both incredibly happy and incredibly sad at the same time. Happy because he’s growing into such a great guy, and sad because I can’t believe 11 years passed since he was born. ¬†How did… Read More Getting Older


This is Chandler…

I was looking for a video on YouYube and stumbled across this video that my 11 year old made. Im not sure what Im most impressed by, the fact that he’s pretty well spoken or that he’s already gotten 128 views. Next review I do- he might just have to do!! Also… their cleaning skills… Read More This is Chandler…

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Pounds lighter

Last night it happened. Hair cuts, that is. Ive been waiting for this moment for over 6 months now… I got tired of seeing my boys look super sloppy. Ive pretty much cut their hair since they were little, with the exception of a few times. While I really dislike cutting it (yes I went… Read More Pounds lighter

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Number One…

Im not sure how I let this happen, but some how its slid by… and my sweet sweet oldest baby boy turns 11 today.He went from being this sweet tiny baby, to a sweet big boy. and as much as I really hate to acknowledge that he’s getting older and bigger each day. I want… Read More Number One…

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Chandler & Ethan’s Holiday Program

Chandler is in the top row towards the right with longer dark brown hair. Ethan is is the bottom row standing near the little girl in the grey dress, with light hair.