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Best Buy Recycling

There comes a time in every gadget / cell phone / TV ‘s  life, where they are outdated and unusable, and frankly, just taking up space in your home. When that time comes it is up to you to make a responsible decision as to how to dispose of that item. Did you know that technology… Read More Best Buy Recycling


Claro Acne Clearing Device

I recently had the pleasure to try out the Claro Acne Clearing Device and I jumped on it because my husband has battled a war with sensitive skin and I wanted the opportunity to help him. When the Claro arrived, I was impressed by the packaging because its was very sleek and clean looking. You… Read More Claro Acne Clearing Device


Just eat your turkey on your lunch break

I heard through the grape vine a few weeks ago that Best Buy would be opening their stores at midnight on Thanksgiving Day, which instantly made me mad. As I assumed they were the only ones doing it- WRONG. Apparently almost all big box stores are opening super early on Thanksgiving. I was mad about… Read More Just eat your turkey on your lunch break


Starting a new chapter

I know everyone has been following John’s recent transition from Best Buy.  (No Im not going to fuss about that) Through out the entire process, we heard a lot of “everything happen’s for a reason” . Well I think this is the reason….. He got the the job at Apple!!