Things to do during a snowstorm

If you are like me you are under at least a few inches of snow and have no hope of leaving your house in the next few days. While I love looking at snow and watching it fall, I have no actual want to leave the house in that mess. 1. Do something productive¬† Since… Read More Things to do during a snowstorm

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Careful what you wish for

I have been fussing literally all winter about how badly I wanted to see snow just one more time before we move to California (out goal is to move at some point this year). Yet, somehow here we are at almost the end of February with almost zero snowfall this winter. Then out of no… Read More Careful what you wish for


Oh Snow!

I have been fussing all season that I wanted a good snow finally, especially since last winter all of the snowfall that we got was fairly light. And after quite a few miscalls by the weather people (saying that we would get 8 inches and us only actually getting a dusting) I had just assumed… Read More Oh Snow!

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Wordless Wednesday 1/8 {LINKY}

I hope that all of you are keeping warm and bundled up!


Snow Day!

We finally got our first snow of this winter season! I have to admit that I really adores snow, especially since I grew up in Florida and never got to see snow until we moved here to Louisville four years ago. As you can Jayde couldn’t wait to get out in the snow, in fact… Read More Snow Day!

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10 Reasons That Fall Rocks!

Fall is my favorite season by far…. and for so many reasons. 1. Cooler weather.¬† I love being able to wear sweaters and boots. I also love that I can hang outside with the kids for a longer period of time because the mosquitoes are nipping at us. Plus after so many years in Florida… Read More 10 Reasons That Fall Rocks!

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Snow day!

This morning I woke up to John yelling for me to come look at all of the snow! Since our bedroom is in the basement I actually had to walk up stairs to see it. Beautiful right?! We finally got snow! FINALLY! and not just a dusting like the other times. Like actual snow. So… Read More Snow day!