How to Plan a Fun and Unforgettable Family Road Trip

It’s summer! Time for you and your family to pack up and hit the road. A family road trip can be a fun and memorable experience for everyone, or it can be days on end spent in the car with cranky kids and frustrated drivers. The key to making sure your family’s next road trip… Read More How to Plan a Fun and Unforgettable Family Road Trip

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Dreamy vacation spots on Airbnb

I just recently discovered the incredible service that is Airbnb. John has been bugging me for ages to check out the app and naturally I am hesitant to try it out, mostly because the thought of sharing a room with a stranger makes my anxiety kick into full gear. Then I realized that you can… Read More Dreamy vacation spots on Airbnb

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Top 3 travel game apps

Since a lot of families will be traveling for Christmas I got to thinking about what type of games could be played in the car. Only because we have been considering traveling around Spring Break this year and I was just trying to think of ways to keep my teenagers from killing each other in… Read More Top 3 travel game apps

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France with the family: preparing for the perfect trip

A family vacation to France is a wonderful opportunity for family members to spend quality time together exploring one of the best-loved countries in Europe, but you will want to ensure your vacation runs as smoothly as possible. Planning in detail a family vacation to France is essential because, for one thing, you will quickly… Read More France with the family: preparing for the perfect trip

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Photos from Chicago

While digging in my camera roll I came across some more photos from Chicago that I hadn’t gotten a chance to share just yet. I had such a great time with John on this vacation that I just had to share. I took this photo the very first night we were in Chicago. We had… Read More Photos from Chicago


Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago

Whenever we were in Chicago one of the locations that we knew we had to see was the Lincoln Park Zoo. I was especially excited about checking it out because it is one of the last few Zoos in the United States that is 100% free, and free always equals good in my book! Since… Read More Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago


Shedd Aquarium Chicago

Shedd Aquarium provided me with passes in return for this post. However, as always all opinions expressed are my own. Pinky Promise! On our first day of our trip we visited the Shedd Aquarium, we spent about three hours walking around and admiring the animals. About half way through our trip we realized that we… Read More Shedd Aquarium Chicago