So much has changed here. Actually everything has really. It all started when I was working for one of the larger reputable blogger programs as a Community Coordinator, that is until about a month ago. The program took added a new manager who in the end made my position unnecessary. Initially I was very upset… Read More Changes


Things Im looking forward to in 2016

The boys starting high school. While this makes me incredibly sad because they are growing up so quickly I am happy because there are so many opportunities for their future at their new school. Jayde turning 13. This honestly this one scares me a little. If these teen years are as rough as the tween… Read More Things Im looking forward to in 2016


Here I am, minus a body part or so

I have been totally mia lately, and I apologize. I had some issues with my gallbladder and scheduled my gallbladder removal surgery for last Tuesday, but at the time that I scheduled the surgery I was still feeling well enough to sit at my desk and write so I planned on writing enough to cover… Read More Here I am, minus a body part or so


Hello Monday!

I am SO glad that its Monday. Geez, those are words I thought that I would never say but that should give you an idea how bad my weekend was. All of that aside, Im trying to make the best out of the day. I let the kids sleep in this morning and then drove… Read More Hello Monday!


December goals

First lets see how my November goals worked out… 1. Finish the Christmas activity advent calendar.  Yes! I finished it, and we are on day two of our activity advent, be sure to check back because I will be blogging about our activities.  2. Continue dental work. Yes! I have an appointment to go on December 23rd… Read More December goals


November 2014 Goals

I came across this post on Hello Neverland and thought that it was a brilliant way for my to hold my self accountable and maybe even make myself a little less of a procrastinator, maybe. I hope she doesn’t mind, in fact if you have a free moment take a look at Kenzie’s site because… Read More November 2014 Goals

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The car ride that changed it all // Part 4

(Please read Part 3 first) With this new doctor it felt like all of the times that I dealt will all the other doctors for the first time. We tried new medicine, I got sick and then we changed it. Except this time, the second medicine instantly changed everything in fact I felt almost normal.… Read More The car ride that changed it all // Part 4