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Oct 07

How to Keep Your Kids Protected From Cavities

Image by: creativedental There are about a bigillion things you have to worry about as a parent, and cavities is one of them.  As with anything though, knowledge is power.  Understanding how cavities are made can help you kids protect against them.  Below we’ll look at the main ways you can keep your children free …

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Apr 04

Fight Spring Allergies with Best Buy

This article may include a provided product or affiliate link. See footer for full details. Allergy season is upon us once again. This year it seems that I am not the only one with allergies. My kids (two of them at least) have developed allergies because the sneezing, coughing, rashes, and itchy eyes can be …

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Mar 12

Minute Rice, Because Every Minute Counts

I have a super picky eater for a husband so the are few foods besides meat that he will eat. Those foods are pretty much limited to corn, potatoes and rice (with the occasional green vegetable sprinkled in).  So that means we eat a lot of those foods. As I’m sure you know, we were …

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Mar 07

Custom Phone Cases!

Okay. Im not a huge sports person. I mean I suck at playing pretty much every sport known to man. Wait, competitive eating is a sport… Im pretty sure I would be incredible at that sport. Though, its not in the olympics so I bet that it doesn’t count. I do however LOVE team memorabilia. …

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Feb 23

Best Buy Recycling

There comes a time in every gadget / cell phone / TV ‘s  life, where they are outdated and unusable, and frankly, just taking up space in your home. When that time comes it is up to you to make a responsible decision as to how to dispose of that item. Did you know that technology …

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