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Feb 11

Drapery Japery: Get Started with Making Your Own Curtains

Source If you’re someone who likes to sew or you want to get started, there are many fun things you can make for your home. With the right skills and equipment, you can sew a variety of things to use around the home, from bedding to upholstery. One of the most interesting projects you can …

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Nov 07

30 Things …

You might have noticed that 75% of your Facebook friends are posting daily thankful posts for each day of November. I would be part of them, except I can’t commit to remember to post for 30 consecutive days. So instead I will be posting 30 things that I am thankful for here…. 1. Im thankful …

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Oct 16

10 Reasons That Fall Rocks!

Fall is my favorite season by far…. and for so many reasons. 1. Cooler weather.  I love being able to wear sweaters and boots. I also love that I can hang outside with the kids for a longer period of time because the mosquitoes are nipping at us. Plus after so many years in Florida …

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Oct 04

Random Thursday: Blogger Pet Peeves

I am just terrible, about remembering the days of the week. Which is why I never remember that its Thursday until its Friday. Except this week, I totally remembered! This weeks topic: 1. Music that auto plays. Nothing is worse than visiting a website and then having music blaring. Oh wait yes there is. Visiting …

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May 16

Mind Blown.

I love the original version by LMFAO, so I knew this was going to be good. However nothing could have prepared me for what this dude sounded like when he started singing. Just awesome.

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