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Sep 10

Wordless Wednesday 9/10 {LINKY}

Apr 25

Breaking Routines

This week we decided to surprise the kids with a trip to the park after school, we even had John show up after he got off work so that they could get time with Dad too. We ate frozen yogurt and animal crackers and watched the fish swim in the creek. Then we decided to …

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Apr 14

Fragment Friday 4/12- Super Late Edition

Whew this week has worn me out, which pretty much explains why my Friday post is being posted on Sunday. – This week my friends super adorable 5 year old stayed with us. He’s so cute it almost makes me want to have another kid… almost. – It also finally warmed up enough that we …

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Apr 11

Spring is Here At Last!

I always say how much I really love snow but it seems that we haven’t actually gotten enough snow the past few years to really account for anything. So I have been especially excited for Spring this year so that I can get back outside with the kids. Luckily yesterday was GORGEOUS, so we surprised …

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Mar 20

Hyundai Santa Fe’s Epic Playdate Weekend

With the kids on the brink of their teenage years I am trying to work in as many fun family playdates as humanly possible. Now is the time to have fun and make lasting memories. For us Spring break is just around the corner, so I am working to plan the best family play date …

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