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Jan 23

How to Work Productively and Still Take Care of Your Kids

In this age and time, the difficult financial situation is placing parents in a position where they need to work to provide for their families. It is true that every parent want their children to have the best opportunities while they are growing. They include a healthy upbringing and access to quality education among many …

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Jun 01

A Guide To Enhancing Your Child’s Development

If you want to enhance your child’s development, there are quite a few things you can do at home to help them. Helping them develop faster can help them to excel in school and life in general. Just bear in mind you can’t rush children to develop any faster than they want to. Many of …

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May 13

Here we go again

Today is Friday the 13th and naturally there are some superstitions around this date, and while most people just chalk it up to superstitions I have to wonder just a little bit. Last Friday 13th we spent our evening sitting in the emergency room with Ethan who just broke his arm (I wrote about it …

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Apr 26

DC Super Hero Girls // Giveaway

This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts are all my own. Pinky promise! With my daughter being the youngest with two older brothers she always wanted to have toys that were just like her brothers. Especially with their superhero’s, of course she ended up playing with their toys but the problem is that she …

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Mar 14

My Creative Tips to Make the Most of a Small Kid’s Room

Not everyone has huge amounts of space in their home. Some people live in apartments, and others have smaller houses. Being short on space is a horrifying prospect for a lot of people. However, many want or need to live in a smaller home, and they have to make it work. Having less space when …

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