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My worst nightmare in the hands of JCPS

Every so often I see bad stuff on the news that really bothers me but rarely is it something that I feel so close to me. This news story took place here in Louisville Kentucky not too far where I live, and it happened in the very same school district that my children attend, through… Read More My worst nightmare in the hands of JCPS

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Student dress code, a vent

We live in a county where the vast majority of schools ask that the students wear uniforms, yet somehow we have gotten lucky to have had two schools where uniforms were not required. The schools do have regular dress codes, and in all the dress code is very similar to the dress code I had… Read More Student dress code, a vent

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To hit back or not? What do YOU teach?

I hate talking on the phone, so whenever a number calls that I do not recognize I will not even bother answering the phone. But for some reason yesterday when an unknown number called I actually answered it…. and Im glad I did…. Me : Hello School: Is this Ethans Mom? * great, Ethans being… Read More To hit back or not? What do YOU teach?

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And So Another Chapter Ends…

Just a quick comparison of the first and last day of school. It doesn’t look like they changed too much this year… then again maybe I can’t see it. This is the first day of school for the 2012 – 2013 year. Chandler and Ethan in fifth grade, and Jayde is in fourth. This is… Read More And So Another Chapter Ends…

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Chandler & Ethan’s Holiday Program

Chandler is in the top row towards the right with longer dark brown hair. Ethan is is the bottom row standing near the little girl in the grey dress, with light hair.

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Delayed Back to school

Today was supposed to have been my kiddos first day of school. That was before THIS storm came through. It lasted all of 30 minutes (actually probably less) and left a huge mess. Its been two days since the storm, things are still a mess. Trees down everywhere and apparently a ton of people without… Read More Delayed Back to school

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JCPS School assignment update….

As you know we moved this past month to a rental home SUPER close to Johns work. Which meant we had to re-register the kids for school. We did, and it gave me true hope that maybe, just maybe the kids might get into their resides school. I patiently waited the expected 2 days to… Read More JCPS School assignment update….