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Nov 12

iPhone photos lately 11/12

I haven’t shared photos in what seems like forever. So here are just a few of my favorite photos that I have taken lately. It seems like I get less and less photos of the kids now that they are older, but the photos that I do get are pretty great!

Sep 02

Finally you can help your kids with math homework again

One of my least favorite “chores” to do will always be helping the kids with homework, most specifically with math homework. That stems back from my days in school because I was terrible in math, and I still struggle with it. So that makes helping the kids with math homework nearly impossible especially now that …

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Jun 11

One simple trick to getting your kids to do anything you want

That title really packs a punch right? It sounds like many things I have read before in an effort to get my three kids to do anything, especially chores. So whenever I downloaded the ChoreMonster app which promised to get my kids to do anything I wanted with the promise of points to redeem for …

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May 31

iPhone photos lately // May 2015

I am so thankful that its finally nice outside, because we have spent almost every day outside enjoying the sun. Which is kind of funny because I always say just how much I enjoy the snow and cold wear and yet somehow I have really enjoyed the warm weather this year. So far we have …

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May 21

I can control my lights with my iPhone. What can your lights do?

I am always hesitant for change, especially whenever it comes with a price tag. Which is why I immediatly told John ‘NO’ whenever he mentioned buying the Philips Hue Lux lights. That was no easy task either because he mentioned them so many time and while visitng a friends house that has some he asked …

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