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May 30

How to Feng Shui your bedroom? How to practice the technique?

  Feng Shui, as the name suggests, is the Chinese ancient method that’s been used since ages to bring harmony in our surrounding to balance the yin and yang. Yin refers to the soft, calm, and serene energy whereas yang refers to the loudness, alertness, and brightness in our environment. By Feng Shui-ing your room, …

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May 29

What are 6 elements of a mature bedroom to consider in a redo or DIY?

  Maturity is something that has no age. People can achieve it anytime. Also, it is a very subtle process, you don’t realize while entering the years of maturity. Interestingly, you can see the signs of maturity in the personality and different aspects of life. One biggest area where a person’s preferences change is the …

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May 09

Bathroom signs: old towels, towel hooks, and large photo frames

Babies depend on you for everything and it is a nostalgic feeling to see them grow and become independent. Most parents usually obsess over how to potty train their kids. However, it is equally important to develop healthy bathroom habits in your kids. You should teach them to use the toilet properly, flush it, and …

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Feb 28

Why Flooring Options Have Suddenly Become So Exciting

Things have changed a lot in the world of flooring over the last few years. Whether it’s eliminating lino from bathrooms or putting in underfloor heating, floors are on the way up. At the centre of the improved flooring movement are us housekeepers. Though not the sexiest of subjects, we recognise that a good home …

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Feb 26

Awesome Etsy Finds // organization

reclaimed barn wood coat rack // boot rack // hanging clothing rack // wooden book rack // sphere hanging baskets // fabric storage basket // wooden record storage // blanket ladder // stacked triangle shelf // mail and key rack

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