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Jun 10

How can moms stay in tip top shape?

For the average mom (who by all accounts is far from average!) exercise is not an issue. At least, not where having a full-time parenting job is concerned, even when the responsibilities are shared equally between couples. When moms aren’t chasing after kids, they’re chasing after all the other responsibilities that make up the everyday …

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Jun 09

Getting your kids involved in sports

It’s a worldwide problem often put at the door of the technical revolution. Kids just aren’t getting enough exercise these days. Video games often seem to have taken over, so exercise is through hands and fingers rather than the whole body. So what can you do to encourage your kids to enjoy themselves when playing …

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May 20

Tips for coping with allergies

I never really dealt with allergies growing up but that all changed whenever I moved to Kentucky. The first year alone it felt like we were sick from our allergies almost non stop. Luckily though since we have been here I have learned a few tricks to make coping with allergies a little easier to …

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Apr 28

12 shocking facts about sugar

As you know I HAVE to diet. I have to cut my red meats, carbs, and most importantly SUGAR. So whenever I came across the documentary called Fed Up on Netflix that was eye opening, it is full of facts about sugar intake and its correlation with obesity. This made me want turn to the …

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Apr 15

I can and will

Where do I begin? With the comment from the kids asking me “what happened to you?” while looking at an old thin photo of myself. With the results of my bloodwork that show that I’m having a problem with my liver, with high sugar levels and high cholesterol. With the notes on my last doctors …

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