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Gear up for summer with a Spongebob luggage tag!

I don’t know where this year went, but its already almost Summer time! Its time to start your packing list for your Summer vacation so that your don’t forget any travel essentials. Be sure not to¬†forget your sunscreen, extra battery pack for your phone, headphones, and anything else you might need for travel. While you… Read More Gear up for summer with a Spongebob luggage tag!

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DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

Every year about this time I see all of these cute ideas on Pinterest that I think will make a wonderful gift for my mom because she always loved the handmade gifts the very most. Actually whenever going through her stuff after she passed away a few years ago and I found so many of… Read More DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

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Awesome Etsy Finds // Easter basket stuffers

Coral the Bunny Rabbit // Personalized Woodland Fairy // Pull along dog // Plush squirrel // Colored pencils // Gnome Dolls // Wooden cellphone // Snow White Doll

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Awesome Etsy Finds // Narwhals

Party Narwhal Card // Turtles Soup Narwhal Necklace // Unpossible Cuts Narwhal Mug // The Little Canoe Narwhal shirt // GnomEnterprises Narwhal baby leggings // Lola and Stella Narwhal Plush Toy // Kate Durkin

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Awesome Etsy Finds // Yellow

Fabric tulips // Happy Dolls By Lesya Yellow Leather Pencil Case // LEAD or DEAD Two Way Messenger // Bag DoRi Bright Yellow Glass Leaf Teardrop Earrings // Dondalees Metal Bike Art // Willows Grace Thank You Note Cards // Dahlia Press Shop Yellow Crochet Pouf // Looping Home

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Garland for days

    I love garland. I could seriously hang garland on every single surface in my house if I thought I could get away with it with out looking like a crazy person. So instead I have some garland DIYs that I have been eyeing for a while that I thought I would share with… Read More Garland for days

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Awesome Etsy Find // Pillow Covers

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on Etsy lately looking for some pillow covers to brighten up my living room some since I could not find any that I like in store. Well, it backfired, I found TOO many pillow covers that I adored on Etsy. UGH. So I have favorited about a… Read More Awesome Etsy Find // Pillow Covers