Fragment Friday

Fragment Friday 9/27

– I don’t have too much from this week because my doctor switched some of my medicines and I have been horribly dizzy and sick to my stomach, but Im sure next week will be better! – Onto the good, Ethan made the advanced program (as we expected). Good thing we preordered that iPhone 5c… Read More Fragment Friday 9/27

Fragment Friday

Fragment Friday 8/30

– Second week of school and we are finally getting into the swing of things. I am not a walking zombie all day like I was last week. In fact I can function so much better and I get so much more done during the day! – John and I started walking every morning at… Read More Fragment Friday 8/30

Fragment Friday

Fragment Friday 8/23

– This week is officially the first week of the 2013-2014 school year! The first day was Tuesday. Jayde is going into 5th grade, and the boys went into 6th grade (first year of middle school!!) – All three kids LOVE their classes this year. Jayde has Chandlers teacher from last year and we couldn’t… Read More Fragment Friday 8/23

Fragment Friday

Fragment Friday 8/2

– Today John and I celebrate 11 years of marriage!! Can you believe that this guy put up with my crap all of these years?! – This week we spent a ton of time dressing up poor December. – The kids spent two days at Apple Camp, and their third is tomorrow to present the… Read More Fragment Friday 8/2

Fragment Friday

Fragment Friday 7/12

– This week is week two of the kids being gone and I miss them like mad, even though there are a few pros to them being gone. – This week also started Johns 9 day staycation, now we just have to find some fun and affordable things for us to do. – We had… Read More Fragment Friday 7/12

Fragment Friday

Fragment Friday 6/21

– I don’t think we got a single thing accomplished this week. No seriously, I only left the house twice and that was for food. – I posted my first instagram video, sorry Chandler. HAHA! – I listed two giveaways: 20 Team Mule Borax and Next week I will be posting at least one… Read More Fragment Friday 6/21

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Fragment Friday 6/14

– This week was the first full week of summer, and it felt like it. We relaxed a lot, we wore pajamas a lot, and I got to sleep in! – December got a package that she literally couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into! – John ate salad as the main part of a… Read More Fragment Friday 6/14