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Here we go again

Today is Friday the 13th and naturally there are some superstitions around this date, and while most people just chalk it up to superstitions I have to wonder just a little bit. Last Friday 13th we spent our evening sitting in the emergency room with Ethan who just broke his arm (I wrote about it… Read More Here we go again



All three of my kids have totally different personalities, Jayde is my quiet yet sassy princess, Chandler is my kind tech savvy oldest and Ethan, well Ethan is my has to be center of attention wild child. So whenever I got a call last Friday from Ethan I wasn’t completely surprised. It has become a… Read More Broken


A smile can change it all

Ethan turned 13 a few days ago and after much begging I decided to let him and his brother and sister go to the mall by themselves. On the way there we pulled up to the light and Ethan looks over to the car next to us and inside of it was an middle aged… Read More A smile can change it all

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iPhone photos lately 9/2

It seems like forever since I have shared any photos, partly because we have been so busy with back to school and partly because the kids are impossible to get photos of. Towards the end of last month the kids started back to school, the boys went into seventh grade and Jayde started middle school.… Read More iPhone photos lately 9/2

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Derby City Chop Chop // before & after

Last week I was finally able to talk the men in my family into getting their hair cut. It all started out with me trying to find somewhere that would tame Johns massive beard. Which is when I came across the Derby City Chop Shop, and after checking out some of the reviews and photos… Read More Derby City Chop Chop // before & after

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Different is okay!

Growing up my mom always encouraged me to be myself, rather it be the toys I liked or the clothes I wore (and boy, some of the clothes I wore were insane- Lucky for me I cannot easily locate any pictures). Actually in 9th and 10th grade I was “goth”, I wore dark black makeup… Read More Different is okay!

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To hit back or not? What do YOU teach?

I hate talking on the phone, so whenever a number calls that I do not recognize I will not even bother answering the phone. But for some reason yesterday when an unknown number called I actually answered it…. and Im glad I did…. Me : Hello School: Is this Ethans Mom? * great, Ethans being… Read More To hit back or not? What do YOU teach?