Everybody loves a dachshund

Every since we got our first mini dachshund 7 years ago I have been obsessed with anything and everything dachshund related. Then again its hard not to whenever I have such a cutie sitting around. I have found some really neat stuff over all the years but my favorite so far is a green dachshund… Read More Everybody loves a dachshund

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Awesome Etsy Finds // Dachshunds

Dachshund Round Napkin Rings // iPhone 6 Cover // Dachshund Nail Decal Stickers // Dachshund ring // Dachsund Necklace // Tattoo Sausage Dog Pocket Mirror // Dachshund Wall Art

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Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Every time people see December they comment on how small / fit she is, and then promptly tell me about how they know a dachshund who is overweight. Which is when I quickly tell them how I also knew two dachshunds whenever I was growing up who were overweight and how I got to watch… Read More Keeping Your Dog Healthy

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That Time We Almost Lost December

We had quite the scare a few days ago. I left the boys watching December upstairs in their room (because I always feel bad putting her in her crate) while I went to pick John from work. I figured that she would be fine like she always is because I wasn’t going to even be… Read More That Time We Almost Lost December

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December Loves HappyDogBox! provided me with a product in return for this post. However, as always all opinions expressed are my own. Pinky Promise! December is our only pet, which basically means that she is absolutely spoiled rotten. So naturally whenever I heard about the Happy Dog Box, which is basically a really awesome monthly subscription box… Read More December Loves HappyDogBox!

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Awesome Etsy Finds – Pet Costume Edition

This weeks theme is mostly because I love tourturing my dog by dressing her up. Exhibit A: Exhibit B:   Lets see what kind of goodies Etsy has to offer this week….   Tuxedo Style Fleece Pajamas with Bow Tie Dinosaur Spikes PINK fleece Halloween Hoodie Queen of the Nile Chef Costume Halloween Butterfly Pet… Read More Awesome Etsy Finds – Pet Costume Edition

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Wordless Wednesday 8/14 {{ linky }}

As the kids get older I am noticing that I take way more photos of December. In my defense though, shes freaking adorable. Especially the photo of her winking. Awesome right?