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How To Freeze Fresh Blueberries

Recently one of the local stores here had an incredible sale on fresh blueberries for only 88 cents each. I grabbed up as many as the store would allow because I knew that I could freeze them and they would make a healthy addition to a lot of things, mostly for smoothies and blueberry pancakes.… Read More How To Freeze Fresh Blueberries

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A Peek Into My Living Room

I have been putting off decoration our house for quite a while now, mostly because I was hoping that we would be moving soon and that this rental place was just a temporary thing. Then it hit me recently that there is no point in living in a house that is only partially decorated (I… Read More A Peek Into My Living Room

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DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

While digging through Etsy I came across this really amazing fiber wall hanging. Which basically was yarn (or so it seemed) and a metal stick and string (not to decrease the value of what the seller was selling because it was really gorgeous), so naturally I favorited it hoping one day I would have an… Read More DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

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Happy Birthday Boys // DIY Minecraft Birthday Party!!

This past weekend we threw a Minecraft themed birthday party for my two sons, Chandler and Ethan. In fact this was the biggest birthday party that I have ever planned, it was weeks in the making. So naturally I just had to share it because I absolutely love the results! I actually even made this… Read More Happy Birthday Boys // DIY Minecraft Birthday Party!!

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Easy DIY Coasters

For the longest time I have been telling John that we would never get a coffee table because it just becomes a place where people will leave things lying around. Well last month I finally caved and bought a coffee table because I got sick of having no where to sit our drinks, I even… Read More Easy DIY Coasters

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DIY Christmas Tree Cones // My Take

Upon unpacking all of my Christmas decorations I realized that my decorations seriously need some updating. Which is how I ended up deciding that I was going to make some felt trees for my mantle. After a pricy trip to the store (okay, not too pricy but still more than I should have spent) and… Read More DIY Christmas Tree Cones // My Take

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Our Christmas Activity Advent Calendar

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, we watched the parade and a movie and enjoyed a wonderful meal together. I did notice that there was a lot less family interaction that I would like. In fact at one point I noticed that everyone was using a device to play online, and quickly realized that this… Read More Our Christmas Activity Advent Calendar