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Jan 28

30+ blog posts that will make you a better blogger

  Best times to post on blogs and social media One thing you must to to every image uploaded to your blog How to embed a Pinterest board on your WordPress blog How to add graphics and text to your photos HTML cheer sheet for beginners Places to find free stock photos for your blog …

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Jan 14

Reviving old posts

We all have older posts and while some of those might be not be something you would want to promote, other posts are real diamonds in the rough that just need a little love to be brought to their full potential. ┬áLets go back and choose a few older posts and update to get them …

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Apr 21

Ways to grow your Pinterest following

Since Pinterest makes up for a whopping 50% of my referring traffic to my site I am trying to find way to keep that number growing like mad. Here are some tips that I plan on using to help me (and you) grow my Pinterest traffic: This post has some really helpful tips on what …

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Apr 08

Text Expander – speeding up repetitive tasks

Every so often I come across something that really changes how I do things in my day to day life, this TextExpander is one of those. Text Expander allows you to create “snippets” (or shortcuts) that when typed will change into the predetermined text that you chose for that snippet. For example if you enter …

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Jan 20

105 Blog Post Ideas

We all get writers block now and again, so I thought I would make a huge list of prompts that would help whenever you cannot think of anything else to write about! Share photo from your childhood along with the story behind it. A day in your life. Share the last thing you purchased and …

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