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6 bentos to make your kids smile

I always throughly enjoyed making my kids bento lunches whenever they were in elementary school, and I have to admit that I was sad that I could no longer make the kids bento lunches whenever they started middle school but apparently taking their lunches was no longer cool. I especially loved to make bentos for… Read More 6 bentos to make your kids smile

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What She Ate 8/26-8/30

For Friday’s lunch Jayde decided that she wanted to buy lunch from school. Normally I don’t allow her to buy them because honestly they are a little gross, but since I let the boys buy their lunches for middle school I figured that it was only fair if I let her do it every so… Read More What She Ate 8/26-8/30

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What She Ate 8/20-8/23

This week is the first week of fifth grade for Jayde. Which also happens to be the last year that she will take her lunch to school, so I am taking in every moment of being able to pack her lunch. Im so lucky that she still really loves to take her lunch. Here is… Read More What She Ate 8/20-8/23

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11 Back To School Bento Lunch Ideas

This year is the last year that I will be able to pack a cute lunch for one of my kids. So I am trying to find the best back to school bento lunches to inspire the lunch that I make for Jayde first day of fifth grade! Back to school bento (pencil) Back to… Read More 11 Back To School Bento Lunch Ideas

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Whats for Lunch 10/4

This week there is only four days of school, thus meaning only four lunches. Actually only three for the boys since they have a field trip on Thursday and decided they wanted to have the school bagged lunch (EWW!) Monday: PB&J bites, edamame, ritz crackers, two gold coins and a caramel marshmallow.  Tuesday:  Ham and… Read More Whats for Lunch 10/4

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Whats for Lunch 9/28

I have almost completely transitioned over to the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox sets. They are just so durable, compact and easy to clean. Its especially easy because Ethan is now taking bento lunches exclusively.  Now, to talk them into taking more interesting lunches. Monday: Left over pepperoni pizza, sliced cucumbers and edamame.