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Top 3 travel game apps

Since a lot of families will be traveling for Christmas I got to thinking about what type of games could be played in the car. Only because we have been considering traveling around Spring Break this year and I was just trying to think of ways to keep my teenagers from killing each other in… Read More Top 3 travel game apps

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Down in my basement

This is our first house that we have had a basement in, part of it is finished and serves as my boys bedroom ¬†and the other half is unfinished and has two small rooms. Inside one of those rooms is all of our seasonal stuff and basically everything that doesn’t have a home, but insider… Read More Down in my basement

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Here’s How I Made My New iPhone Super Secure!

I am now the proud owner of a shiny new Apple iPhone! I must admit; I’ve never been a big fan of smartphones in the past. But, a busy person like me needs all the help they can get. I use my new iPhone to do all kinds of things from emailing to writing posts… Read More Here’s How I Made My New iPhone Super Secure!

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NOMAD // Holiday Gift Guide

This is part of my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. The product was provided to me by the brand for review, however I have only included brands that I truly think my readers will enjoy. Pinky promise!   I don’t think I ever got around to posting about it but I bought an Apple Watch a… Read More NOMAD // Holiday Gift Guide

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Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

I was provided with a product in exchange for this post. However as always all opinions are all my own! Pinky Promise! Do you remember that part in Wall-E where all these overweight people were shuttled around on these chairs instead of walking and being active and everything came to them? I can’t help but… Read More Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

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Keep your family gear up with the latest gadget without breaking the bank

We love our gadgets. When I say love, I mean we LOVE them. I might even go as far as saying that we take them literally everywhere with us. That of course means that my three kids also have smart phones that they take literally everywhere with them. I know, the thought of a 11-14… Read More Keep your family gear up with the latest gadget without breaking the bank

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Text Expander – speeding up repetitive tasks

Every so often I come across something that really changes how I do things in my day to day life, this TextExpander is one of those. Text Expander allows you to create “snippets” (or shortcuts) that when typed will change into the predetermined text that you chose for that snippet. For example if you enter… Read More Text Expander – speeding up repetitive tasks