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Jun 19

What Are RFID-Blocking Wallets?

When technology has its perks, it also has its downside. Gone is the era when a man with a gun and knife was considered as the most dangerous guy. We have tech guys with laptops now, known as hackers. For the past years, technology has been evolving day by day. You will see many hacking …

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May 29

How to Plan a Fun and Unforgettable Family Road Trip

It’s summer! Time for you and your family to pack up and hit the road. A family road trip can be a fun and memorable experience for everyone, or it can be days on end spent in the car with cranky kids and frustrated drivers. The key to making sure your family’s next road trip …

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May 05

How to choose the right presents for your children

Every year, parents struggle with choosing the right decision for their children. When Christmas is right around the corner, you have to select the proper present to keep the Santa myth alive for your kids. Buying presents for children has never been easy because there are many things to consider, including your budget, toy quality, …

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Apr 25

Blogging or lack of 

I have been a terrible blogger, because I haven’t written an actual post in almost a year. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to. Honestly it was more like How do you catch up from almost a years worth of posts that should have been written? I mean a lot of stuff can happen in …

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Mar 21

Expectations Of Motherhood

When you’re pregnant for the first time, your mind begins to wonder. The “pregnancy brain” aids and abets you in this. You wonder what your baby will be like. Will they be a doctor? A police officer? A writer? A poet? Will they be shy or outgoing, confident or more reserved? (Image Link) Naturally, in …

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