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9 hot chocolate recipes to warm up with

Gingerbread hot chocolate // Red Velvet Hot Cocoa // Orange Hot Chocolate // Thin mint hot chocolate // Pink velvet hot chocolate Smores hot chocolate // White hot chocolate // Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate // Caramel hot chocolate

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10 Pot Pie recipes to make this fall

Its finally getting cool enough outside that I can make some hearty food to warm us up with. For some reason this year I have been craving a delicious homemade pot pie, so I set off to Pinterest to find the perfect recipe to make an I ended up with SO man options. Chicago Style… Read More 10 Pot Pie recipes to make this fall

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My favorite Lumpia Recipe

Growing up my aunt had a friend who she bowled with that would occasionally send home lumpia for the family. It was incredibly delicious, like really really good. I made lumpia recently for my family for the first time last weekend and while two of my kids were super hesitant to try it Chandler and… Read More My favorite Lumpia Recipe

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13 Homemade salad dressing recipes

Since I have been eating a lot healthier I have been enjoying a lot more salads I have been wanting to try some new salad dressings, especially homemade salad dressings. A few caught my eye. Maple dijon salad dressing // Garlic ginger sesame dressing // Asian honey sesame salad dressing // Russian salad dressing //… Read More 13 Homemade salad dressing recipes

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8 Healthy fresh fruit popsicle recipes

Blueberries and Cream Popsicles // Strawberry kiwi popsicles // Peach banana smoothie popcicles // Blackberry Mango Popsicle // Sweet Peach Iced Tea Popsicles // The Best Blueberry Popsicle Recipe // Blood Orange Popsicles Recipe // Coconut water fruit popsicles //

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Every donut recipe you will ever need

Peanut butter bourbon // Baked Cadbury Egg Donuts // Peanut Butter Donut with chocolate ganache // Fruity Pebbles Doughnuts // Donuts with burnt caramel glaze // Baked eggnog donuts // Toffee crunch Jelly bean donut // Chocolate Pumpkin Cakes // Apple pie cronuts // Blueberry Baked Donuts // Mini Sweet Potato Donuts with Maple Glaze… Read More Every donut recipe you will ever need


10 Sweet pineapple recipes (that aren’t desserts)

Pineapple is one of my very favorite fruits,and it is in season. That means I am trying my very hardest to find as many ways to use it in recipes as possible. Because its in season it is not only extra delicious but also on sale everywhere. I dug around and found a few recipes… Read More 10 Sweet pineapple recipes (that aren’t desserts)