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But what about the kids?

You might have noticed that along with the change things look different here, like the missing header up top, and there is Loud Kids wording anywhere anymore. That’s because I have struggled with rather to rename the site or to leave it the way it is. Mostly because my kids are no longer kids, they’re teenagers just years from adulthood (cries).

I guess I could always just change it to Three Loud Teenagers right? Then again I would just have to change it again in a few more years to Three Loud Adults, or wait… at that point do I include myself and John? Five Loud Adults?

It’s messy.

So instead of rebranding my site I’m going to honor what it was. I’m keeping the domain name the way it is, it will always be but I’m just not writing out the name anywhere. If I reference the name of the site more than likely I will reference it as TLK. Partly because it’s easier, partly because it’s the same but different but mostly because its not just a place about the kids any more.

But what about the kids?!?

Well, here’s the thing… it’s no longer just my story to tell. I have battled for a while now with rather I should share all the milestones that my kids are going through in such a public place. While I would love to boast about how well they are doing and how grown up they look… is it really fair to them? I’ll leave what I share totally up to them.

Chandler typically could care less what I share and Ethan doesn’t mind normally as long as his hair looks nice (which it always does). Jayde however is another story, she likes her privacy. Which is totally understandable, I think I would have been the same was as a teen.

So that’s that right? More me, less kids. As life goes I guess.

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