Why I took a blogging break

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and wrote anything and I have to admit it’s been nice. Yet every time my domain renewal comes around I little a little tug on my heart because this is a place where I spent many many years sharing so much about myself. I got to thinking, why.

I came to the conclusion that there’s two reasons I have been gone.

One // Lack of time. For the longest time I was working a full time job outside of the home and quite frankly blogging wasn’t something I had time for. Now I only work part time, so what’s my excuse right? Well, that’s where reason two comes along.

Two // I was burnt out. To a lot of people blogging may sound easy. After all I’m just writing whatever and getting paid for it right? *if only*. While I did have a good bit of fun blogging, the more I monetized the site the more it felt more like a popularity contest. It went from a place where I wrote about what was going on in my life to a place where it was a constant flow of sponsored posts and round up posts about whatever was the most trendy thing in the blogging world. All for views.
I don’t even want to talk about how much time was spent on Pinterest, Instagram or whatever was the place to be at the time (Google + I’m looking at you). What time wasn’t spent obsessing over other blogs and trends was spent writing boring sponsored posts. Don’t get me wrong every single review I wrote was accurate, I never once said I loved a product that I didn’t. That being said I certainly fluffed a lot of reviews. Meaning had I not gotten the item for free I would have never written the post. That’s just not how I want things.

Going forward here’s what to expect on TLK.

// Less sponsored posts.
// No reviews for products unless I truly adore the product.
// Unfiltered me. That means if I want to come here and rant about the President, or how I finished off a whole row of Oreos on my own.
// Less of my kids. This one I struggled with a lot because it became a habit. I’ll get into this another time.
// Most importantly, no forced posts. I will only post whenever I want to. If that means it hurts my views, then so be it.

That also means you are going to see some photos like the one above that took months enough but never really shared because you can see all of my rolls. Because you know what? I love this photo that Chandler took of me, because despite the rolls it captures me.

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