Holiday Season: Keeping The Kids Entertained While The Adults Mingle

Aside from a change in the weather and the days getting shorter, fall signals the start of the holiday season, which is just a cozy way of saying the party season. It’s that time when friends and family come over in either dribs and drabs or hordes, a time where you and your loved ones mingle and laugh, making and sharing memories over alcoholic pumpkin-spiced lattes, nibbles getting handed around as a log fire crackles in the background. It’s such an amazing time and one to be cherished.

However, the secret to a hosting a great party is keeping the kids entertained. Trust us, nothing can spoil the fun like a bored kid and nothing can make a kid feel bored more than a sense of being left out of the fun.

So, without further ado, here are our top ways of keeping your kids entertained this holiday season:

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Create A Kids Only Room

Leaving kids alone to their own devices is always a brave move, but this is easily managed by taking the proper precautions. The trick is to designate a room for the kids, tape old newspapers down all over the floor and then turn this into an arts and crafts haven. We’re talking a table stocked with crayons and coloring books, a station for PlayDoh and, if you really are feeling brave, maybe some paints. Anything that will keep their imaginations whirring. Then just pop a little sign on the door for their amusement and see what they create.

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Nothing Beats A Home Cinema

Thanks to technology, you will have almost everything you need to create a neat little home cinema. Almost. You see, there are still things that can go wrong, and that is what you need to address before the party kicks off. First off, there will be a house full of people, with internet-chomping devices in their pockets, so make sure you have enough Internet power to escape the dreaded buffer, which can be dealt with easily; just visit Suddenlink today. Next stop, the film. To put it simply, choose a fan favorite from Netflix, not something new. You want to know that the kids will love your choice. Putting on a new film is just too much of a risk. And last, but not least, make sure they are comfortable. We’re talking sofas, chairs, bean bags and duvets on the floor. Voila, two hours of peace.

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Get Them Involved In The Party

Shock horror: kids have some use. We know, right, who would have thunk it? So why not let them play an active role in your party? After all, a film is only going to last a couple of hours and even kids can get bored of painting the walls. The best way to do this is by having them play waiters and waitresses while the adults are mingling, giving them trays full of nibbles to offer your friends and family as they chat. Next up, role-playing. Kids love nothing more than getting to play a role and, in this case, they could take your guests food orders as they take a seat around the table. You could even have them dress up accordingly, and create little menus for them too. Finally, get them to help make dessert. Have them play the role of teeny-tiny bakers, even if they just add the icing and sprinkles.

And there we have it, a party where the youngest and oldest are entertained.



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