Blogging or lack of 

I have been a terrible blogger, because I haven’t written an actual post in almost a year. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to. Honestly it was more like How do you catch up from almost a years worth of posts that should have been written? I mean a lot of stuff can happen in that period of time and with my memory I can hardly remember any of it. 

I didn’t want this place to get stale and go unseen  so I’m making a jump to catch up somewhere where I left off. 

Some things that have happened since we last “spoke”. 

Ethan finally got his braces off and now has a gorgeous smile. 

Jayde got braces on and is working on getting her back teeth straightened out. Her smile has always been nice, luckily for her. 

Chandlers website and Mobcrush pages have gotten super popular. You should really check them out. I’m pretty proud of him. 

I started working for Apple as a Learning Expert (a fancy name for a virtual set up helper). 

I stopped working at Apple. Not enough business to warrant my employment.  This sucked but I’m a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and I’m excited to see what the future has in store.  

I started working for a new place as a Nest support agent. Currently on day 2 of training (go me!). 

John is still growing out his hair and it is super duper long. Though I really think that he’s only growing it out because the kids dislike it. I pretend to not like his long hair, but now that it’s longer it’s starting to curl and is kind of cute (just don’t tell him that I said that). 

I spend a good chunk of my free time drawing on the iPad with the Apple Pencil. It has rekindled my love of drawing. Maybe one day I’ll post some of my stuff here, who knows. 

I really can’t think of much else, though like I said it’s been so long and my memory is shot.  I will share some pictures from this past year.

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