Samsung Vs. iPhone: When Two Phones Go To War

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Time to buy a new phone for yourself or a family member? There are lots of different makes and models in phone shops these days, and the choice can be a little overwhelming. But there are only really two brands that you should be considering: Samsung and the iPhone. These two are the kings of smartphones and are the two best-selling types on the market.

Can’t decide between these two big names? At the end of the day, it will come down to personal preferences. But, to help you decide, here are some things that you should also consider.

Apple’s Chargers

There is one thing that all iPhone and Mac users always complain about – the poor quality of the chargers! These important accessories only last for a year at best before they start to fray and, eventually, snap. It wouldn’t be so bad if they were really cheap to replace, but the complete opposite is true. If you need a new iPhone charger, you will find that you end up paying through the nose for one!

Samsung’s Fire

Samsung got a lot of really bad press recently after it was reported that its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones were huge fire risks. The batteries were overheating and would cause the phone to either explode or set alight! Obviously, this is not what you want from a phone. If you don’t fancy your phone sparking into flames in your handbag, you might be better off with an iPhone!

General Repairs

People who are quite hands-on and like to tinker around with things won’t enjoy owning an iPhone. They are made in such a way that it is very hard for owners to get inside to fix them themselves. If something does go wrong with your iPhone, you will need to take it to an official iPhone repair company. You don’t need to go to this trouble if you own a Samsung phone. These are often easy enough to get into and fix on your own.

Apple Chic

Do you want a phone that will help improve your street cred? If so, then you should go for an iPhone. All of the products from Apple, such as the iPhone, Mac Air, and iPad all have a very cool reputation, and you will notice that they are what all the hipsters and cool kids have them these days. Next time you step into a chic cafe or coffee shop, take a look at all the laptops that everyone’s working on. I’m certain that 90% of them will be Apple Macs! So, to impress your kids, think about getting a fancy pants iPhone!


Lots of people think that one of the most important features of their smartphone is the camera. An excellent camera can help you ace your selfies! The cameras in Samsung and iPhones are almost identical. But there are a few differences like the Samsung camera can focus quicker while the iPhone uses a LED flash.

So, which one will you choose?

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