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What Your Husband Wants For His Birthday (Now That You Have Kids!)

It’s always a hard one trying to buy your other half a present. After all, guys aren’t so obvious like us when it comes to gift ideas. We tend to have a whole list of ideas of cool stuff we would like for our own birthday! But men seem to be less sure about the gift they would like. And the ideas tend to change after you have kids. After all, your husband might not be into the same things anymore. Or he might not ever have a chance to get to see his own flicks and bands now the kids get their own way every time. Therefore, here are some things your husband really wants for his birthday now that you have children!


You might find that your husband tends to have the last say when it comes to dinner nowadays. After all, the kids tend to make the choice when it comes to the food selection. And you and your other half go along with this to keep the peace. And it saves you having to make a ton of dinners for your family! However, because of this, it might mean your other half never gets to have his favorite dish anymore. In fact, it might have become a once in a blue moon occurrence. Therefore, for a gift your other half will love, you should make him the dinner on his birthday. Pack on the portion to ensure he gets to tuck in with a decent sized meal. And he will be so grateful to get to consume his favorite dish. And it doesn’t have to be a meal when it comes to his gift. If he has a sweet tooth but never gets to pick anything out of the chocolate cupboard, it would be a very good idea to get him some sweets and chocolate for his birthday. Tell the kids it’s off-bounds, so your other half gets to enjoy it to himself. And he will love that he finally gets to enjoy some of the sweet treats again!


When you have a family, you might be surprised how much tech you have to buy. After all, kids are always after the latest phones and gadgets to keep up with their friends. In fact, a lot of families end up getting into debt trying to keep up with all the latest gadgets for their children. But buying tech for your kids means you and your other half might get left out. And this can be sad times for your other half, especially if he is a big kid himself! Therefore, when it comes to buying your man’s birthday present, you should opt to get him a piece of tech. Buy him one of the latest tech on the market to ensure he has a big smile on his face on his birthday! Just make sure the kids know that this piece of tech belongs to daddy. After all, you don’t want them to play with the item and end up breaking it! Therefore, keep it out of bounds to ensure your husband gets to utilize it!

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Body stuff

With your kids needing so much stuff, it can mean that items for you and your other half have to go on the backburner. In fact, I think we have all resorted to getting the cheapest shampoo to ensure we can get everything we need for the kids. But it can hit our man hard when he can’t have all the best grooming products and body stuff. Therefore, for his birthday, you should buy him some good stuff he can use to work on his appearance. He will be super grateful to be able to have the best products for a change, rather than the cheapest options on the shelf. You could even opt for a subscription box which will ensure he gets the best products every month. And if you need help choosing one, you can find sites online which is perfect for helping you to choose presents for men. In fact, the Dudepins blog is like Pinterest for men and will ensure you choose the right box as a gift. And a lot of the subscriptions you can cancel at any time. So if you want to only do it for six or 12 months, you can then cancel it after that.

A holiday to a destination of his choice

After you have kids, holidays become more about appeasing them about what you truly want. Therefore, you and your husband’s exciting travel plans have to take a back seat. But to give your spouse a birthday he remembers forever, you could let him have a short holiday to a destination of his choice. Whether you take the kids, or you let them stay with either set of your parents, your husband will still be in his element. Therefore, if he always wanted to go skiing, or he fancies going to see one of the world’s most famous landmarks, it’s time to make it happen. And hopefully, your hubby will repay the favor with a destination of your choice when it’s time for your special birthday!

New tools

You might be surprised how easy it is for things to get lost when you have children. After all, they might start playing with things and then they don’t know where they put it. And it’s so easy for them to end up breaking things like daddy’s favorite gadgets and tools. Therefore, your husband would love if you bought him some new tools for his birthday. You could get them in a box which is lockable to ensure it won’t get anywhere near your kids. Therefore, they will remain in a great condition for longer! Check out his tool box before you do go to the shops so that you don’t end up buying him something he already has!

And you are likely to spend your time going to see kid’s movies and concerts in your spare time. Therefore, a great present for your husband would be tickets to a movie or concert of his choice! It will definitely be an exciting option that he will love!

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