Nutrition and Your Family: Helping Your Kids Make Healthy Food Choices

There is nothing more rage inducing, even if you do so internally than children who are fussy eaters. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, there are ways that you can encourage your kids to make the right food choices without pressuring them and making them hate food even more. While many people argue that making the right food choices for your children is imperative to their overall health, it’s also vital that you allow them to make the right decisions for themselves. You don’t have to put your foot down just yet. There are some fun ways that you can help your kids help themselves and put them on the right path to eating correctly. After all, instilling a love of food isn’t just about making nutritious choices, but it’s all about making sure that they have a healthy and happy relationship with food.

Get planning

Planning meals is a surefire way of making sure that you don’t have any issues when it comes to cooking meals. Mealtimes can be stressful, so plan what your family is going to eat. That way, the children will know what meals are available on what day and they can prepare for things that they don’t like, or that they have never tried before. That aside, by planning your meals, you can ensure that your children are eating a balanced diet that is jam packed full of fruit, vegetables, carbs, and dairy. It’s easy to lose track of what we have eaten and by having a schedule or plan, you can make sure that your kids are making healthier food choices throughout the day. After all, variety is the spice of life.

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Get the children involved

One of the things that parents often fail to do is include the kids in the mealtime process. We are all so guilty of just putting food in the oven that we fail to remember that there is a process to loving food. Let your children chop, whisk and stir. If they’re older, allow them to use the skillet or the oven. www.stonefryingpans.com has a range of family-friendly utensils and cookware that all the family can use. By allowing the children to get involved with the food cooking process, you are not only entrusting them with a big part of adult life, but they will also have a sense of pride when the meal is cooked and tastes delicious. And, let’s be honest, it lessens your load and teaches them some valuable life skills.

The good life: grow your own

Growing your own vegetables is a fantastic way of teaching children about nutrition and positive choices when it comes to food. Watching vegetables, and fruit, grow from tiny seeds to huge pieces of edible food. There is a theory that if children grow their own fruit and vegetables, they are more likely to eat it as they know where it’s come from. Did you know that 75% of children do not know where their food comes from? They think it comes from the supermarket! Aside from teaching your kids about the importance of good, quality food you are also teaching them basic science. Grow easy to harvest foods such as tomatoes and courgettes, and watch your kids eat them as you harvest. Now, that is an easy way to get them to eat better!

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Experiment with vegetables

OK, so vegetables aren’t high up on the list of foodstuffs that children love. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to ditch the greens. On the contrary, experimenting with vegetables is a great way to peak your child’s interest and to ensure that they are making the right choices. Smoothies, with broccoli and kale, are perfect for kids on the go. Making dips and spreads is important too. What’s more, these dips will be a great deal healthier than store bought dips as you can omit salt and sugar. Vegetables are so much more than simply putting greens on a plate and demanding that they are eaten. Experimenting with food will also ensure that you have mini foodies on your hands that adore the process of creating tasty dishes.

A treat every now and then is OK!

While many of us want our children to be healthy, happy and not eat junk, it’s OK to lighten up and allow them a piece of delicious homemade cake. What could be better than baking together? Loving food and making the right choices is all about enjoying all kinds of food. Of course, limiting junk is important, but as a massive foodie, I can’t think of anything better than baking with my children. After all, homemade is the best. It’s perfectly imperfect.

Make food fun, interesting and enjoyable, and your kids are bound to make the right choices. With a little guidance, of course.

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