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Not Just A Hobby: Make Practical Use Of Your Crafting Creations

The creative among us know the struggle of finding time to do those things you love. Whether you have a particular craft or love all things creative, it can be a hard hobby to pursue. That’s especially the case when you have little ones running around. Yes, crafting with the kids can be a lot of fun. Even so, you’re supervisor. There won’t be time to make something of your own! But, what if you stopped thinking of your crafting as a hobby? Putting your creative streak to practical use is a fantastic way to ensure you make the time.

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There are many ways your crafts could be useful around the house. From small repairs, to major projects like making your own curtains. Spend some time thinking of what practical uses you could find for your creative impulse. Is there any furniture you could reupholster? Or, you could make a blanket to drape over your sofa. Having a practical purpose means you’re more likely to finish your project! You could even get creative by repurposing things. Before you get rid of those empty jars, consider whether you could make anything out of them! Have fun with this, and you could create some amazing home features!


We all know the value of homemade gifts. Too often, though, we leave it too late to make anything. Get past the problem by starting the process in advance. Knowing you have a deadline can be a fantastic way to inspire yourself. Think, too about making cards and gift wrap. The more of the gift you make, the more it will mean. You don’t have to spend hours on each factor, though. Something like this greeting card maker offers you a quick way to make those extra touches. Of course, a gift doesn’t mean something just because you made it. It’s also important you take the time to make gifts your friends will appreciate. Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 5.35.15 PM.png



There are many ways your craft could help with your children. From repairing clothes, to making them from scratch, crafting will make life easier. You could also make them treats. Why not learn how to make a teddy? You could even write them their own books if you wanted to. Make sure to get it laminated so that it stands the test of time! You may find that these are the items your kids treasure the most as they grow.

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Of course, treating yourself is as practical a reason as any. Why should other people reap the rewards of your crafting efforts? It’s important to make things for yourself sometimes, too. If you find it hard to justify, remind yourself how hard you work. If anyone deserves a treat, it’s you. Then, think of something you would most like to make. You could sew yourself a new dress, or knit a hat from a pattern you love. Have fun, and make sure you get use of what you’ve done when it’s finished!

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