You Can Forget To Forget With These Forgetfulness Tips

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We can all be a little forgetful sometimes. As we get older, our mind starts to slow down, making it ever so easy to forget things or lose items. But it isn’t just old people who suffer from these brain farts! Young children whose brains haven’t yet fully developed can also be very forgetful, and you will find that they also misplace a lot of their toys. But all this forgetting shouldn’t blight your everyday routine. In fact, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to try and improve your brain function. Here are some excellent ideas.

Small Challenges

One way you can help your children become less forgetful is to set them some small challenges. For instance, you could challenge them not to lose anything for one week.During this time, they will be very careful to look after all of their belongings. If they don’t, then they will lose! Once they start to succeed in these types of challenges, their confidence will grow along with their memory, and they won’t start to misplace items quite as often. If you are trying to improve your own memory, you should have a go at setting some of these challenges for yourself. You could be surprised to see just how effective they are!


It is also worth making a checklist for everyone to take to school or work. You should include everything that needs to be brought home on this list. So, your children’s lists will include things like their coat, lunch box, school books. That way, they can look through the list just before they leave school to make sure they have everything. You’ll also find your own checklist useful – it will help you make sure you never leave your phone charger in the office every again!

Put Names On Things

Sometimes, we don’t actually lose the things that we think are lost. Someone else may have picked them up by accident! This happens all the time in schools when kids have a lot of similar belongings. There is one simple way around this – just write your child’s name on their belongings! Monogrammed covers can prevent them from losing their phone, and you can also buy special labels for school uniform which you can write their name on. This also helps any lost items be swiftly returned to their rightful owner.

Give Everything A Place

Of course, things don’t just go missing at school or work. We can often misplace items at home too. But this will happen a lot less often if you make sure that everything has a place in your home and it is returned to this place when it is no longer in use. If you have a lot of clutter, it’s a good idea to invest in some new storage closets so that you can find things easier.

Hopefully, you haven’t forgotten the point of this blog post! I’m sure that all of these tips will greatly help your memory and reduce your forgetfulness!

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