Taking a Job Across Country: Things To Consider

Applying for a job in a new part of the country is exciting; being offered the job is positively out of this world. But before you stop popping the champagne, you should be aware that being offered a job that requires a substantial move is much different than simply being offered a job! There’s much more to consider, such as how it’ll affect your family and what the lifestyle in your new hometown is like. Before signing that contract, take a read of the some of the things you’ll need to consider below.

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Family Matters

You’ve been offered a job, and that’s exciting for you, but then remember: if you have a family, then you’re not the only one who will be moving. Even if it’s your dream job, it wouldn’t be fair to uproot your family if they weren’t also excited about the opportunities a move would bring. Your partner’s job, for instance: would they be able to get a similar or better job in the new city you’ll be moving to? And for your children, if they’re in school – what is the education system like, and in general what is it like for children to grow up there?


There’s much to be arranged when you’re moving to a new city, and most of it has to be done from afar. You need to find a place to live, and then hire movers to get your stuff from your present home to your new one. There’s also logistical matters such as getting your child enrolled in the education system, updating your state driving licenses, investigating what taxes you’ll be liable for, and so forth. And all this has to be on top of preparing for a new job, so it’ll be a busy period!

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New Environments

Regardless of where you’ve living now, you’ll probably find that it takes some getting used to your new environment. If you’re moving from one mid-size city on the west coast to another mid-size city on the west coast, then it’ll be easier, but there’ll still be plenty of subtle changes that’ll have you scratching your head from time to time. If you’re moving from a rural area to Los Angeles or New York, however, you should be prepared for a pretty intense culture shock. Be patient and don’t be alarmed if you want to run back to your old life straight away, because in time you’ll come to love all that’s great about your new city or town!

Long Term Plan

With all the will in the world to make the move happen, you’ll have to make sure that it’s inline with your long term plans; some jobs and cities are easier to move to for a year or so, but the big ones require longer commitments to be really enjoyed. For example, if you’re a newly married couple thinking of having children in a few years, then moving to a massive, expensive city probably wouldn’t make any sense, regardless of how attractive the offer of employment is.

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