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Keeping Tabs On All Your Gadgets: Organizing Your Devices

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Most houses are now full of digital gadgets from smartphones, to tablets, to PCs. Even refrigerators are starting to become computerized with smart technology. Having all these devices can start to get confusing – some devices even having knock-on negative effects on others. Here are a few ways to get all your devices organized and keep them running smoothly.

Sync up all your gadgets with the cloud

Storing information on different devices can get confusing. Documents, photographs and music files can end up getting spread over your phone, laptop and tablet. On top of this, many of us have multiple devices of different brands, which makes sharing information difficult without downloading extra software.

The solution to this problem is start storing everything on the cloud. All your information will then be stored on a remote cloud server which you can access from any of your devices. You could start a document on your PC and continue it on your phone on the train to work.

Cloud-powered digital security can meanwhile protect all your devices at the same time. You can even create a big music playlist on the cloud, which everyone can listen to at the same time from different locations from different devices, whether you’re inside or outside the house.

Improve your internet

Having multiple devices connected to the internet can be a struggle for your home network and cause devices to act slowly or not work whilst you’re downloading a movie or your kids are playing an online game. A way to get around this is to invest in a fiber optics provider such as Fios. This will increase your bandwidth and allow multiple people in your household to use the internet at the same time.

Get multi-device insurance

Insuring your sensitive digital files against attacks used to be easy, as all you needed to do was insure your computer. But now phones, tablets, TVs and even smart kettles can be hacked. Insuring these devices individually if expensive and some standard home insurance schemes may not include all these devices. Thankfully there are now multi-device insurance schemes that can help protect all these items. Having this may be useful to keep you covered.

Limit kids’ screen time

Having all these computerized items around the house can have its dangers. If you’re worried that your kids are spending too much time staring at a screen – whether it be on their phone, laptop or tablet – you can take measures to limit your kids’ connection to the internet, as well filtering certain things on the internet out. Some internet providers may allow you to alter the router settings, whilst some devices may have their individual settings. Devices such as Koala Safe meanwhile can manage multiple devices, blocking individual devices from specific content, limiting these individual devices’ internet time and even being able to monitor what they’re looking at. Such a device may be useful for keeping on top of your kids’ internet activity.

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