DIY: Quick Fixes For Your Home

When you’ve got kids – time is money.

And, well, money is money!
That’s why it’s so important to take care of your home – not only are the kids going to run wild, but you don’t want to be wasting both time and money on escalating DIY issues. If you arm yourself with the right tools and know-how, you can solve most issues in your home pretty quickly, before you have to pay a professional.

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That’s a good starting point actually – plumbing. Armed with a plunger, you’ve definitely got the ability to tackle small plumbing issues yourself. A wrench can help you tighten the washer on a leaky sink, and the plunger can unblock your sink and toilet. However, you shouldn’t try and tackle issues above your range of skills and knowledge. Plumbing that goes bad can seriously damage your home through damp, rot and mold. If there is a serious issue with your plumbing – call in the pros. It will be worth it in the long run. That all being said, though, basic plumbing knowledge is going to be a real benefit – especially if the kids throw roll after roll of your finest toilet paper into the toilet!

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Another aspect of plumbing and drainage you can control is with your pipes and guttering. Make sure you clean your gutters out every so often as leaves and other debris can clog it up. Your gutter helps your house get rid of excess water, and if it is creaking under pressure or clogged up, you could be facing a major leakage that could result in structural damage to your home. Considering that the remedy to this is a ladder and a pair of rubber gloves it seems a bit strange that this issue is often overlooked. Look above your head when you leave your home for work once a month and if you spot a blockage – make a date for its cleaning. Your piping can also experience issues as cold snaps will freeze the pipes of your home and the water in them. This can prevent you accessing running water and can even lead to the pipes bursting. Bad news if you want to have a shower! You can combat pipe freeze with items like heat tape for pipes, and it’s a relatively simple fix. Pay attention to the weather and the damage it can cause to your home.

If you have central heating or air conditioning systems in your home – one of the easiest and quickest fixes to improve the air quality and life of the system is to replace the air filter. Now – this has to take place often, especially during periods of high usage. This should be taking place on a monthly basis.

Of course, one of the more obvious ways to add a quick fix to your home is to add paint. Adding paint to the walls of your home can really refresh a room, and if you’ve got a good eye for design, you can change the exterior of your home too. It’s a whole new home with just a few buckets of paint!

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