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Drapery Japery: Get Started with Making Your Own Curtains

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If you’re someone who likes to sew or you want to get started, there are many fun things you can make for your home. With the right skills and equipment, you can sew a variety of things to use around the home, from bedding to upholstery. One of the most interesting projects you can choose is a pair of curtains. Curtains give you lots of options to play with, from style to length, and you can create an entirely custom pair. You don’t have to be a sewing expert to make them. You just have to give it some thought before you begin your project and make sure you have everything prepared.

Plan Your Curtains

Before you can start sewing, you’re going to need to come up with a plan. Designing your curtains will help you ensure you know what steps you need to take to get them done. There are a few things to think about when you decide on your curtain design. Firstly, what sort of curtains are you making? Will they have eyelets, tab tops, or will they hang on a curtain track? Next, decide if you’re going to line your curtains. You might want to think about special lining material, such as thermal or blackout lining. Consider the length of your curtains too and, of course, the color and pattern of the material.

Measure and Collect Materials

You need to make sure that your curtains are going to fit the place where you want to hang them. So before you order any fabric, you need to take some measurements. Measure the width and height of where you want your curtains to go. But remember that you need some extra fabric for seams and hemming. Once you have your fabric, you need to make sure you have everything else. A sewing machine is essential, of course. If you’re using a heavy fabric for your curtains, consider something like a Singer high speed heavy duty sewing machine. You’ll need some other tools too, to measure and cut your fabric. Remember the basics, like pins and thread.

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Start Sewing

When you’ve cut your fabric to the right size, you can start sewing. The method you use will depend on the type of curtains you’re making. You need to know how to sew the top of your curtains, whether you’re using tabs or curtain tape. If you’re lining your curtains, you need to know how to do that too. Hemming your curtains is important too, of course, but make sure you get them the right length for where you want to hang them.

Finishing Off Your Curtains

When you’re sewing your curtains, you probably want to make sure that they look nice and neat at the end. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re sewing and making decisions about how your curtains will look. For example, if you want the bottoms of your curtains to look extra neat, you might choose to do a blind stitch. This means you can’t see the stitches from the front of the curtains.

Making a pair of curtains is easier than you might think. It doesn’t take much to get started, even if you’re still a beginner at sewing.

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