I haven’t written in months which is quite the shock because I went from blogging daily to never. I thought I would miss it but to be honest it has been totally freeing. In those months that I have been gone a lot has changed. 

The biggest change has been that I now work full time outside of the house. Luckily I work a similar shift to the shift that John has so I can carpool. It’s been incredibly difficult on me because it’s a huge difference. 

Other notable happenings:

The boys started high school and are doing unexpectedly well.  Chandler is doing something with set design and Ethan is taking German. 

Jayde is in eighth grade and as feisty as before. Struggling with some small stuff but over all doing much better with our big move than expected. 

We talked in the Pride parade with people from work and it was an incredibly proud moment for me as I watch each child show their support of the freedom to love whoever. I especially loved watching Ethan jog on the sidelines with a rainbow flag on one side and highfiving the crowd with the other hand. 

My baby (Jayde) turned 13!!! I was able to embarrass her by painting the entire car with paint asking passers by to honk because it’s her birthday!

I play Pokémon Go like it’s going out of style. Level 22 baby!

I think that just about sums up the past few months. 

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