Game Enhancing Extras That The Gamer In Your Life Will Love

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Whether you play games yourself or are thinking of a present for a loved one who’s an avid gamer, there are hundreds of game enhancing extras out there to choose from.

There are in-game extras that you can purchase through games’ online stores. Alternatively, there are material, real life extras that will improve the gaming experience tenfold. Here are some of our favorites.

In-game extras

Whether playing on your phone, laptop or a console, there will likely always be in-game extras offered. These boost a player’s potential to achieve their goals in a game. From Pokemon Go’s offer of extra poke balls, incense and lures to purchasing coins in games for the player to spend on extra weapons. There’s nearly always a purchasable option to increase the game’s potential.

Gaming Speakers

Like horror movies, the soundtrack to a game can make all the difference to how you experience it. The importance of sound in games cannot be underestimated. Music can make a spurious situation in a game feel more intense. Sudden noises can make you jump and most games will have a certain sound to alert you that an enemy or reward is nearby. So make the experience completely immersive and invest in the best gaming speakers that your budget will allow.

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Controllers are prone to wear and tear. If you’ve been using the same one for years, chances are it might be a good time to reinvest. New controllers will be more sensitive to touch, which can make all the difference when you’re attempting to take down the big boss. Controllers for most consoles will have a signature shape. But, companies often offer slight amendments to the standard controller. For example, different colors.

Retro Games

Retro games consoles and cartridges are highly valued collectable items. Take a look at car boot sales for some real bargains. Second-hand game stores are bound to be full of surprises. Or take to the internet for last minute retro gaming gifts.


Your phone might not offer the most complex gaming experience, but the days of Snake and Tetris are long in the past. There are now some really fun games that can be kept in your pocket. The app store on your phone will have a host of free and premium rate games. These traveling on public transport. The range of games is essentially endless. Favorites have taken the gaming world by storm. For example, the  (now discontinued) flappy bird, Pokemon go, and angry birds.


Gaming extras don’t necessarily have to contribute to the game itself. This kind of gift can range from game themed mugs and pillows to character costumes for cosplay and wall prints. There are all sorts out there. Magikarp baby grows, Tetris shaped storage benches, Mario tube mugs, PlayStation wallets and Nintendo themed table bases. Whatever your favorite game, there will be an accessory of some sort out there for you.

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