How to Feng Shui your bedroom? How to practice the technique?



Feng Shui, as the name suggests, is the Chinese ancient method that’s been used since ages to bring harmony in our surrounding to balance the yin and yang. Yin refers to the soft, calm, and serene energy whereas yang refers to the loudness, alertness, and brightness in our environment.

By Feng Shui-ing your room, you create a calm and cool setup that not only helps you relax but also facilitate sound sleep. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of creating harmonious surroundings by  enhancing the balance of yin and yang.

So here’s some ways to feng-shui your room;

Tackle the Technology

Technology is a blessing but it has a few side effects too. One of the major side effects is that people have trouble sleeping because of the blue light that emerges from different devices. Well, the solution is to control or limit the use of technology to a certain area in your room.

Gym in the bedroom is a big no 

Having exercising equipment in the room is a big no as it reminds you of doing something even when you are just relaxing in the room. So gyms are important in the house to keep you fit but you can always go for a few exercising machines outside the bedroom.

There should be books in the room (but selected)

Books are always welcomed in the room but only very selective. If you have books related to your work or studies, they will remind you of the pending tasks or remaining topics. Such reminders can create anxiety which is not good for your health. So it is important to keep books but be very specific about the types of books you put in the room.

Don’t bring work in the bed

The work environment is changing. Most people now bring their work back home with them. Now if you spend hours on your bed working rather than relaxing or sleeping, you are actually polluting the bed. So no work on the bed, at least. It is good to have a side corner in the room and use it for reading or working.

No Cluttered clothes, accessories, books, shoes etc

Clutter is not a good addition in the room at all. It is good to work on inculcating the habit of being clean and neat. If you have everything in place and your room is perfect, it will look and feel calm and cool.

Only soft breathable cotton Bed Sheet Sets

If the bed sheet sets used on your bed are not breathable or thick in fabric, there is a fair chance that you may sweat while sleeping, which is not a good thing. So ensure that you only buy soft breathable cotton bed sheet sets.

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