Dear Moms at the pool

I was so pumped whenever we moved here because we have access to two massive pools, it makes it much easier to handle the insane heat that Texas gets in the Summer. Well the pool finally opened up for the season a few days ago and I have been taking the kids as much as humanly possible because its one of the few ways I can get my teens to interact and get off of their devices.
As I wiped the water from my eyes and turned to shield myself from Chandler’s non stop splashing (he and Jayde were in some sort of a splash war) I looked up because apparently our giggling had disrupted some Moms who were sitting on the side of the pool at a table. Thats when I looked around and noticed that I was the only parent in the pool and I got to thinking when was the last time I saw a Mom in the pool with their kids? I can’t remember the last time.

So look Moms, I get it, bathing suits are terrible and not fun to wear but suck it up and just jump right in the dang pool and have fun. Once your in the water no one sees what your wearing, and if its your hair or makeup that is stopping you from getting in well theres good news about that too, you can reapply your makeup and redo your hair. The pool is such a relaxing place to unwind and spend a few minutes with your kids.

If your wondering why the photo in this post happens to be taking from a sitting angle, its because Jayde dragged me under those buckets that fill with water and dump on your head and I decided to ditch her and run into the pool but unfortunately skipped a step and scrapped my heel on a step. I bet if our pool had a lifeguard they would have told me not to run!

Im curious how many of my readers are Moms who jump in and have fun and how many choose to sit on the side lines and why.

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